The Difference Between Botox and Dermal Fillers

CG Cosmetic understands the difficulties that come with aging. Everyone has dbotox vs dermal fillersays where they look in the mirror and are concerned with what they see. Whether or not you see deep lines and wrinkles, or fine lines, aging is inevitable. The question then, is what can you do about these signs of aging? Perhaps the most common solution people have heard of is Botox. However, Botox is not the only option. While CG Cosmetic offers Botox procedures, we also offer Dermal Fillers.


Most men and women have heard about celebrities using Botox to rejuvenate their skin and appear more youthful, but Botox isn’t just for celebrities. Botox has provided amazing and effective results that are also safe and convenient for many individuals.  Facial lines and wrinkles often occur because of the way your muscles work underneath your skin. Overtime, as muscles tense due to making repeated facial expressions, your skin creates lines and wrinkles.  Botox works by gently relaxing the muscles in your face, softening the wrinkles and leaving you with long-lasting smooth skin. CG Cosmetic patients have described their Botox experience as quick and painless, with most appointments taking less than one hour. Call to set up an appointment with our expert Botox specialist, Dr. Mayra Diaz, who has been in private practice for over 25 years.

Dermal Fillers

CG Cosmetic also specializes in Dermal Fillers. Different from Botox, dermal fillers work by lifting and plumping up skin, replacing collagen lost by the natural aging process.  In addition to gently filling the skin, most dermal fillers also stimulate skin to encourage it to produce more collagen on its own. Dermal fillers are a great way to fix lines and wrinkles in the face, but they are also used for lip augmentations, creating fuller, plumper lips.

It is important to fully research all of your options for cosmetic surgery before making a decision about what is right for you. Start your research with a call to CG Cosmetic and talk to a specialist by scheduling a free consultation: 305-446-7277.


Tips for Reducing Puffy Eyes

causes of puffy eyesAs a renowned cosmetic surgery facility serving the Miami, FL area, CG Cosmetic Surgery, is more than a medical expert on the eventual aging happenstance in men and women that is puffy eyes. While puffy eyes can be caused by a number of irritants in youth, puffy eyes in aging adults are much much more common. Below, we discuss the common reasons that puffy eyes occur, and various tips on how to reduce puffiness under eyes.

Puffy Eyes Causes

Puffy eyes or really just when the very thin and sensitive skin around your eyes swells. A number of things could cause this swelling of the eyes to include the following:

  •         Allergies
  •         Lack of sleep
  •         Crying/upset
  •         Stress
  •         Poor diet
  •         Excess sodium in diet
  •         Excess alcohol in diet
  •         Blepharitis (condition of inflammation of lid and under eye area)
  •         Normal aging process
  •         Tear duct irregularity
  •         Eye infections

Tips for Reducing Puffy Eyes

CG Cosmetic Surgery recommends that as long as your puffy eyes are not indicative of a medical eye condition, that the following tips will be effective at reducing puffy eyes on a temporary basis:

  •         Use ice/cold packs intermittently
  •         Limit sodium intake
  •         Limit alcohol intake
  •         Get enough sleep
  •         Drink plenty of water
  •         Wash face with cold water
  •         Take appropriate vitamins
  •         If allergic, avoid allergen and/or get a prescription to alleviate swelling.
  •         Use nighttime eye masks for soothing the inflamed area.
  •         Research day and nighttime soothing eye cream or gel which has vitamins in it: use daily.
  •         Eat a well-balanced diet.Tips for reducing puffy eyes
  •         Contact your medical provider swelling persists.
  •         Do not rub your eyes.

While some or all of these above tips for reducing eye puffiness will certainly prove effective in many non-medical situations, sometimes in the patient who is just suffering eye puffiness from age will not see the same results in these simple at-home remedies. This is when a discussion with your medical provider and also your cosmetic surgeon at CG Cosmetic should be done to see if a plastic surgery might be a good alternative for long-lasting eye puffiness-relief.